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In the vibrant landscape of New York City, a unique vision came to life in January 1998. Agustin, along with his spouse Anna, embarked on an entrepreneurial journey that began in the comfort of their own home. A spare room in their first NYC residence, initially offered to friends from Europe and Puerto Rico, marked the humble inception of Gotay Group LLC. This room wasn’t just a space; it became the seed of an unexpected and thriving business venture.

This modest start was more than just a business opportunity; it was a learning curve. It demonstrated the immense power of personal referrals in the short-term rental market. Our guests were more than tenants; they enthusiastically recommended our services, becoming a key component of our marketing strategy and significantly contributing to a portion of our monthly mortgage. This success was living proof of the strength of our business model.

Embracing the winds of change, we evolved with the advent of technology. The rise of emails and online travel agencies was not just a trend to observe but an avenue to explore. This digital revolution led the Gotay family to a strategic decision – investing in properties solely for short-term rentals. We married the personal touch of traditional hospitality with the efficiency of modern technology.

Years experience

“To Revolutionize Customer Care in the Realm of Historic Brownstone Rentals, Bridging Generations with Timeless Elegance and Unmatched Service. We dedicate ourselves to preserving the charm and history of our properties, dating back to the 1870s, ensuring they are not merely places to stay, but treasures to be cherished by future generations. Our commitment is to create unforgettable experiences where each guest feels valued, and every stay becomes an integral part of our enduring legacy”.

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Since 1998

New mission statement:

GG’s Furnished Apartments: Where Historical Charm Meets Modern Ease. Find Coziness and Convenience in Every Corner. Feel Right at Home, Even Miles Away. Quality Living, Exceptional Service.

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